Flexible tiles, mats and flooring

Stretch-Tite pv-films floor mats

Flexible tiles, mats and flooring

Engineered for comfort and safety

Our PolyFloor™ interlocking mat systems are:

Multi-functional: Maintain comfort and safety in recreational or industrial areas. Tiles lock together easily to fit the most hard-to-fit spaces.

Decorative: Available in a variety of colors. Excellent for basements, pools, locker rooms, decks and patios.

Versatile: 12” square tiles lock together to fit any floor dimension, which is ideal for the home, office or shop.

Hygienic: Fight dampness, fungus and bacteria with a professional seal to resist oil, grease and most chemicals.

Accessible: Bevel trim eliminates risk of catching an edge, so hand trucks and other wheeled devices ride smoothly without resistance.

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