Stretch-Tite featured in The Boston Globe newspaper
The Boston Globe
Tight Stuff

For some, finding love happens quickly, for others it takes years of patience and playing the field. Plastic wraps aren’t much different. In fact, they may be harder to pin down than even true love. Some claim never to disappoint you, but their strength and reliability aren’t quite there. Most either cling only to themselves or to nothing at all. If you haven’t found love yet, HERE IT IS: stretch-tite® , made by Polyvinyl Films, a family business based in Sutton. The company has been making wraps since 1954 for institutions, wholesale clubs, and discount stores. Now stretch-tite® is in supermarkets, too ($4 to $4.50 for 250 feet). It seals to all types of materials (even plastic) with a super cling, but is still easy to handle. It also goes into the microwave or freezer, though for longer freezing or wrapping silver to prevent tarnishing, try the thicker freeze-tite®.

Jill Santopietro
The Boston Globe