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Consumer products

Use what the professionals use. Market leading Stretch-Tite Premium Wrap is the best performing consumer plastic wrap available in the marketplace today. Combined with our Freeze-Tite Clear High-Cling Freezer Wrap and our other premium food storage solutions (Wrap’N Snap® 7500 Dispenser & Stretch-Tite Slide Cutter) make for the highest quality and best value for all of your food storage and food freshness requirements.

Professional films and wraps

High strength, high productivity, crystal clear all purpose food service film provides exceptional cling and seal to keep your packages protected and fresh. Available in all standard sizes, this durable and easy-dispensing box comes with non-skid pads, improved film slot and a sturdy cutter bar for quick clean cuts every time.

High strength, high productivity all purpose professional quaility

Polyvinyl Films professional and institutional products have long been regarded as "the gold standard" by leading chefs and food industry experts to which all food wrap and foodservice film is judged. Polyvinyl's exclusive processes, laser-like focus on product quality and innovative operations make us the industry's highest quality and most efficient producer.

More stretch - more strength - more cling - higher performance

We're a leader in the production of films for food, industrial and converter applications. Polyvinyl Films unique double extrusion process provides precision gauge films that optimize performance and minimize packaging and converting costs. Our films are widely used in the foodservice, supermarket and case-ready processor industries because of uniform gauge control. Precision gauge control results in exceptional clarity, elasticity and recovery, and welded package seals, supporting increased outputs in all environments. These qualities significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as stimulate product sales, while reducing costs. Polyvinyl Films consistent "roll to roll" performance has established our professional foodservice and food films as the products of choice for professionals across all spectrums including those operations that demand exceptional gauge and roll profile standards. Polyvinyl Films professional foodservice and food films are available in numerous sizes, configurations and specifications. For information or to order please email or call 1-800-343-6134.

Institutional Cutter Box Foodservice Film

Our market leading products have long been the preferred film of culinary and food industry professionals across all spectrums. Polyvinyl’s all-purpose professional foodservice films have excellent cling, stretch, strength and puncture properties. A crystal clear film, with outstanding clarity for food service professionals. All of our cutter boxes come with lock top design, improved film exit slot, and enhanced top panel design for easier film access and retention. Our improved cutting edge and extended front flap allow the box to maintain structural integrity. Our professional all-purpose food film products are available in a variety of sizes as well as custom packages.

Meat Film

Our high-yield meat film solutions are manufactured with the highest grade ingredients and using our proprietary monolithic technology. Our HY meat films have preferred oxygen transmission rates allowing meat to bloom and stay tender. Fits dispensers and hot bar wrapping machines. Custom sizes and orders always welcome.

Produce Film

Polyvinyl’s Produce Films are specially formulated to allow produce to breathe and stay fresh. Ideal for mushrooms, fruits, vegetables and all kinds of produce. Excellent clarity and stretch for a superior performance. Fits dispensers and hot bar wrapping machines. Custom sizes and orders always welcome.

Cheese Films and Wraps

Polyvinyl Films offers a special film for cheese wrapping and preservation in a dispenser box. Our cheese film products are specifically engineered for wrapping cheeses and have added thickness, super stretch and superior cling for welded seals on all cheese products. Custom sizes and orders always welcome.


Polyvinyl Films offers our preferred and superior films in Mile-of-Film formats and lengths: 12” x 5280’, 15” x 5280’, 18” x 5280’ and 24” x 5280’. Polyvinyl manufactures premium food films in all lengths and sizes and is always ready to serve you and your specific needs/requirements.

Custom film

PV Films has created a versatile array of multi-purpose and specialty films for virtually every food wrapping situation. Stretch and shrink films offered for multi-purpose use as well as specific applications such as bakery, cheese/deli items and prepared foods. These easy to handle materials provide excellent optics and have superb cling characteristics with the end result being a snug, wrinkle-free package with tremendous appeal.

Protect and preserve your fresh food investment with our advanced packaging solutions

Polyvinyl Films custom films segment is engineered with our customers and business partners at the forefront of the product process. Our custom films group serves and provides a diverse base of niche film products as well as customer specific products and applications. Our custom film products are innovative alternatives to the traditional commodity type films available for the numerous applications they serve. Polyvinyl Films has exceptional capability and flexibility in numerous film products and is recognized as a leader in technology and product development. In addition to our customer specific products, the custom films group offers:  

  • Barrier films
  • Overlay films
  • Laundry films and wraps
  • High-yield stretch films
  • Heat seal and heat shrink films
  • Specially formulated films
  • Bone shield/primal films and wraps

Custom products and sizes quoted on request. For more information please call or email, we’re standing by to help.

Clinical and laboratory films

High-functioning specially formulated clinical and laboratory films enhancing daily clinical practice and core scientific research

An ultra clear film designed to offer increased handle ability and high-cling for clinical/lab environments

Polyvinyl's Clinical and Medical Films protect professionals, products, assets and patients in a wide variety of health, medical, clinical and laboratory environments.

Using superior industry expertise and cutting edge R&D, Polyvinyl’s multi-functional medical film products provide for a wide variety of uses which enable MD’s, PhD’s, engineers, clinicians, researchers, chemists and technicians enhance the performance of daily clinical practice and core research functions.

Flexible tiles, mats and flooring

These versatile multi-purpose inter-locking mats provide a smart, comfortable, safe and sanitary option for a variety of environments, like manufacturing, medical, healthcare, marine and restaurant/foodservice. Polyvinyl’s flexible tiles, mats and flooring system products are uniquely engineered to maximize functionality and provide customers with a ‘one size fits all’ approach for any flooring situation. What to expect from a PolyFloor™ Inter-Locking Mat System

  • Multi-functional Designed for a wide spectrum of industries, PolyFloor™ is excellent for use in recreational or industrial areas where comfort and safety are required. PolyFloor™ locks together easily and is easily manipulated to fit securely into the most hard to fit spaces.
  • Decorative Available in a wide variety of colors and the ease of installation makes even the darkest and dampest area brighter and more attractive. Excellent for use in basements, around pools and locker rooms, decks, patios, etc.
  • Versatile Twelve inch square tiles lock together and fit easily to any floor dimension. Tiles are easily cut to fit wall to wall. Used for numerous applications, how many can you think of for home, office or shop?
  • Hygienic Fights dampness, fungus and bacteria by keeping pedestrian traffic above floor. Resists oil, grease and most chemicals.
  • Accessible Bevel trim eliminates risk of catching edge. Hand trucks and other wheeled devices ride smoothly up onto mat surface without resistance.